2022 Scientific Session & Annual Meeting

Monday, December 5, 2022

Start Time Session Speaker
3:00pm UTC Opening Remarks Stefano Bini, MD
Meeting Chair
3:04 pm UTC Opening Remarks – President
Personalized Arthroplasty Society Present and Future
Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, MD, MSc, Prof.
3:15 pm UTC Keynote Lecture and Moderated Q&A
The Personalized Approach to TKA is Caliper-Verified Kinematic Alignment
Stephen Howell, MD
3:37 pm UTC Surgical Philosophies and Classification of Alignment Techniques Overview
Classification System for Personalized Knee Alignment Techniques
Charles Riviere, MD, PhD
3:46 pm UTC Kinematic Alignment: A Deep Dive Into the Concept and the Supporting Data
3:46 pm UTC Introduction Gabriel Roby, MD, CM
3:48 pm UTC Definition of Kinematic Alignment – What is it? William Jackson, MD
4:02 pm UTC Anatomic Considerations in Kinematic Alignment Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, MD, MSc, Prof.
4:18 pm UTC Biomechanical of Kinematic Alignment Maury Hull, Professor
4:33 pm UTC What Clinical Evidence Backs Pure KA versus Restricted KA? Elliot Sappey-Marinier, MD, PhD
4:48 pm UTC How I Perform a Calipered Kinematically Aligned TKA Stephen Howell, MD
5:05 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Andrew Price, Prof.
5:18 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Johan Bellemans, MD, PhD, Dr. Med
5:30 pm UTC Break – Thank You to Medacta International for Their Presentation During this Break
5:45 pm UTC Functional Alignment: Understanding How FA Differs From KA and the Supporting Data
5:46 pm UTC Introduction Philip Winnock de Grave, MD
5:47 pm – 6:02 pm UTC Defining Functional Alignment in Knee Arthroplasty Sebastian Parratte, MD, Prof.
6:01 pm UTC Biomechanical Principles Impacting Functional Alignment Fabio Catani, MD, Prof.
6:14 pm UTC Clinical Evidence for Functional Alignment Gavin Clark, MD
6:28 pm UTC How I perform a Functionally Aligned TKA Jonathan Vigdorchik, MD
6:45 pm UTC iKA vs. KA – Variations on a Theme Philip Winnock de Grave, MD
7:00 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Andrea Badlini and Charles Riviere, MD, PhD
7:30 pm – 7:45 pm UTC Break – Thank You to Symbios for Their Presentation During this Break
7:45 pm UTC Achieving Personalized Alignment Using Different Techniques and Instruments
7:45 UTC Introduction Nanne Kort, MD
7:47 pm UTC Performing a Calipered KA TKA Alexander Nedopil, MD
8:03 pm UTC Performing a Robotic-Assisted Restricted KA TKA Seth Jerabek, MD
8:18 pm UTC Functional KA with Advanced Optical Navigation Peter McEwen, MBBs FRACS(Orth) FAOrthA DipModLang
8:33 pm UTC Performing KA TKA using Custom Guides Craig Loucks, MD
8:48 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Sebastian Lustig, MD, PhD, Prof.
9:01 pm – 9:15 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Borut Pompe, MD
9:15 pm – 9:30 pm UTC Closing Remarks – Program Chair Stefano Bini, MD

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Time Session Speaker
3:00 pm UTC Opening Remarks Stefano Bini, MD
Meeting Chair
3:03 pm UTC Engineering Considerations in Personalized Arthroplasty: Phenotypes, Sensors and Implants
3:03 pm UTC Introduction Michael Engl, MD
3:04 pm UTC Introducing the Concept of Phenotypes in Personalized Arthroplasty Michael Hirschmann, Professor
3:14 pm UTC Measuring Outcomes: New Frontiers Enabled by 21st Century Technology Stefano Bini, MD
3:29 pm UTC Implant Design Features Impacting Functionally-Aligned TKA Stefan Kreuzer, MD, MSc
3:45 pm UTC Custom TKA in 2022 Michel Bonnin, MD, PhD
4:01 pm UTC Moderated Q&A  Dario Bergando, Medacta Engineer
4:23 pm UTC Moderated Q&A  Jerry D’Alessio, PhD
4:45 pm – 5:00 pm UTC Break – Thank You to DePuy Synthes for Their Presentation During this Break
5:00 pm UTC Complex Anatomy and Personalized Arthroplasty
5:00 pm UTC Introduction A. Wickline, MD
5:02 pm UTC Understanding Complexity in Personalised Arthroplasty William Jackson, MD
5:18 pm UTC The Valgus Knee in Kinematic Alignment: Things to Consider Samuel Macdessi, MBBS, FRACS, PhD
5:34 pm UTC Managing Severe Bone Loss and Extraarticular Deformity in Primary TKA Using PA Techniques Yaron Barziv, MD
5:49 pm UTC Cemented vs. Press Fit Implants: Considerations for PA Techniques Marco Kiss
6:05 pm UTC Can We Use PA Techniques in Revising Painful Mechanically Aligned TKAs? Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, MD, MSc, Prof.
6:20 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Henning Windhagen, MD, Prof.
6:32 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Mark Pagnano, MD
6:45 pm UTC Annual Business Meeting Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, MD, MSc, Prof.
7:00 pm UTC Break – Thank You to Zimmer Biomet for Their Presentation During this Break
7:15 pm UTC Personalized Arthroplasty and Unicompartmental Replacement
7:15 pm UTC Introduction Hermes Miozzari, MD 
7:16 pm UTC A Definition of Personalized Alignment for UKA Charles Rivere, MD, PhD
7:25 pm UTC Anatomical & Biomechanical Considerations for PA in UKA Bernardo Innocenti, PhD
7:41 pm UTC Clinical Evidence for Personalized Alignment in UKA Matteo Marullo, MD
7:55 pm UTC Surgical Technique For a Personalized UKA Dragan Jeremic, MD
8:08 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Hermes Miozzari, MD
8:22 pm UTC Moderated Q&A Jean Noel Argenson, MD, Prof.
8:36 pm UTC Closing Remarks
8:36 pm UTC Closing Remarks – 2022 Meeting Chair & 2023 President Stefano Bini, MD
8:41 pm UTC Closing Remarks – President Pascal-Andre Vendittoli, MD, MSc
8:46 pm UTC Closing Remarks – 1st Vice President Charles Rivere, MD, PhD