Meeting Information

2023 PAS Scientific Session & Annual Meeting
for Personalized Hip and Knee Replacement

This meeting supports the Society’s goal of bringing together the world’s most innovative surgeons and ingineers alongside the most forward-thinking companies in order to advance the state of personalized Hip and Knee arthroplasty to all patients, promoting the evolution of arthroplasty through education and discussion.

During this meeting, we will create clarity around the variations of the theme of personalized hip and knee surgery, while also considering the repercussions from surgical techniques, implant design and management of complex deformity in our space.

The world of arthroplasty is shifting from rudimentary systematic techniques to more sophisticated, personalized and physiological ones. If you share our vision and want to contribute to the paradigm shift, please join us at this grand mess of modern surgery!

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Meeting Schedule

Start Time (UTC) Session Name Speakers / Moderators
Friday, December 1, 2023
10:30 AM Registration and Welcome Reception/Brunch
1:00 PM Opening Remarks – Personalized Arthroplasty Society: Vision and Mission Statement Prof. Stefano Bini
PAS President
Session 1 – Personalized Hip Arthroplasty n°1 – Implant Alignment Prof. Eleftherios Tsiridis
Georges Grammatopoulos, MD, PhD
1:10 PM Personalized THR: How, when, why? Sivan Sivaloganathan, MD
1:20 PM Individual safe zone for cup positioning: importance of the dynamic acetabular orientation Prof. Eleftherios Tsiridis
1:30 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
1:35 PM Spine Vs Hip Users: Influence on clinical outcomes? Georges Grammatopoulos, MD, PhD
1:45 PM Dynamic acetabular and femoral orientation: new parameters for THR planning? Prof. Jean-Yves Lazennec
1:55 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
2:05 PM Classification of alignment techniques for hip replacement – defining the standards!  Gabriel Roby Bouchard, MD
2:12 PM Alignment techniques:
2:12 PM Technology-driven Functional Alignment technique is the way to go! Stefan Kreuzer, MD
2:19 PM The Kinematic Alignment Technique (uKA/rKA): the physiological approach! Charles Riviere, MD, PhD
2:26 PM Optimized Positioning System (OPS) -THR Jim Pierrepont, PhD (engineer – Corin – UK)
2:33 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
2:43 PM Session summary; where should further research efforts be focused? Moderators
2:48 PM Coffee Break
Session 2 – Personalized Hip Arthroplasty n°2 – Implants’ Design & Technological Assistance Prof. Justin Cobb
Stefan Kreuzer, MD
3:18 PM Selecting the right implants for the right patient: ‘À la carte’ hip replacement Paolo Solari, MD
3:28 PM Restoring the proximal femur architecture: Why and when? Prof. Nicolas Reina
3:38 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
3:48 PM Implant options for restoring the proximal femur anatomy:
3:48 PM Short femoral stems – Epiphysal (neck) or metaphysal fixation: What is best? Gianluca Cusma, MD
3:58 PM The custom package: 3D planning for producing custom stem and PSI: Why and when? Reliability? Prof. Elhadi Sariali
4:08 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
4:18 PM Cross-fire: Hip replacement options for young active patients:
4:18 PM Cementless Large Diameter Ceramic Head Kinematically Aligned – THR using short stem (LDH COC KA -THR) Prof. Pascal-Andre Vendittoli
4:28 PM The physiological solution: Kinematically Aligned Hip resurfacing (KA-HR) – restoring the native combined anteversion is safe! Alex Liddle
4:38 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
4:48 PM Cementless, COC, and psoas-friendly hip resurfacing: Is this a potential game changer? Prof. Justin Cobb
4:58 PM Role of 3D planning accounting for spine-hip relationship Daniele Ascani, PhD (Medacta engineer)
5:08 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
5:18 PM Session summary; where should further research efforts be focused? Moderators
5:23 PM Keynote Lecture: Personalising peri-operative care – How and why? Prof. P-A Vendittoli
5:33 PM Keynote Lecture: Generative AI & Personalized Arthroplasty Prof. Stefano Bini
5:30 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
Session 3 – Personalized Hip Arthroplasty – Free Papers Prof. P-A Vendittoli
Sivan Sivaloganathan, MD
5:54 PM Biomechanical Evaluation of Personalized 3D Printed Femoral Stems via Finite Element Analysis and a Cadaveric Study Styliani Stergiadou, MD
5:59 PM Comparison of 3-Dimensional versus 2-Dimensional Pre-operative Planning for Total Hip Arthroplasty James Crutcher, MD
6:04 PM Anatomical Vs mechanical alignment for total hip arthroplasty: In silico and clinical studies Gabriel Roby Bouchard, MD
6:09 PM Minimum ten years follow-up of Personalized total hip arthroplasty with large-diameter ceramic-on-ceramic bearing Gautier Beckers, MD
6:14 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
7:00 PM Cocktail Hour and Gala Dinner
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Session 4 – Personalized TKA n°1 – Phenotypes, Evidence; Third compartment Prof. P-A Venittoli
Prof. Michael Hirschmann
8:00 AM Every knee is unique: Anatomy, laxity and biomechanics – FKP/CPAK classifications Prof. Michael Hirshmann
8:10 AM Personalized TKA and alignment options: defining the standards! Laurent Angibaud, Dipl. Ing.
James Eberhardt, MD
8:20 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
8:30 AM Literature review – Clinical evidence:
8:30 AM Is KATKA a reliable option: Longevity, prosthetic joint sensation and function, complication rate Dragan Jeremic, MD
8:40 AM KA vs MA: Which is the most biomechanically-friendly technique? (FTJ § FPJ) Prof. Henning Windhagen
8:50 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
9:00 AM Is there a knee phenotype(s) associated with poorer clinical outcomes? Which constitutional knee frontal anatomy and laxity can I safely reproduce? Yaron Barziv, MD
9:10 AM Liner choice (MP, CR, PS, UC, etc.): Is there a superior option? Tilman Calliess, MD, PhD
9:20 AM Accuracy for performing uKA-TKA: Is intra-op technological assistance (CAS, Robotics, Sensors, etc.) of benefit? Alexander Nedopil, MD, PhD
9:30  AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
9:40 AM Cross-fire 1: Optimizing patella tracking and extensor mechanism efficacy
9:40 AM Robotic-assisted FA technique accounting for the third (PFJ) compartment Prof. Sebastien Lustig
9:50 AM Kinematic alignment of a custom TKA Michel Bonnin, MD, PhD
10:00 AM Kinematic alignment of a generic TKA displaying a forgiving prosthetic trochlea design (specifically designed for KA positioning) Charles Riviere, MD, PhD
10:10 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
10:20 AM Session summary; where should further research efforts be focused? Moderators
10:25 AM Coffee Break
Session 5 – Personalized TKA n°2 – Attenuating extreme knee anatomy/laxity; Complex cases Prof. Henning Windhagen
Hermes Mozziari, MD
10:55 AM rKA / riKA (or FA KA start) and FA MA start techniques
10:55 AM Attenuating extreme constitutional knee deformity (rKA-TKA): why and how? Prof. Heiko Graichen
11:02 AM Controling the lateral compartment’s laxity (riKA or FA KA start): why and how? Philippe Winnock de Grave, MD, PhD
11:09 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
11:16 AM FA with MA start (FA MA start): Any Future? Antonio Klasan, MD, PhD
11:23 AM  Influence of the alignment technique (MA, KA, FA) on soft-tissue balance Mark Clatworthy, MD, PhD
11:30 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderator
11:37 AM Complex KA-TKA cases
11:37 AM PAS Classification for complex physiological (or KA) TKA – defining the standards! Will Jackson, MD
11:44 AM Substantial bone loss Prof. Roland Becker
11:51 AM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
11:58 AM Severe posterior tibial slope Yaron Barziv, MD
12:05 PM Additional osteotomy Michele Malavolta, MD
12:12 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
12:19 PM Extreme axial anatomy/kinematics: poor patella tracking with history of atraumatic patella instability Prof. Patrick Sadoghi
12:26 PM Severe flexion contracture Cecile Batailler, MD, PhD
12:33 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
12:40 PM Interview of Dr S. Howell who has performed over 6300 uKA-TKAs in all patients with no exceptions since 2006! What I have learned, my tips and tricks, my advice on managing outlier (anatomy, laxity, bone quality) patients Stephen Howell, MD
12:50 PM Summary of the session; where should further research efforts be focussed? Moderators
12:55 PM Luncheon –  Highlights: Digital Orthopaedics Conference San Francisco (DOCSF) 2023. The Digital Transformation of Outpatient Surgery Prof. Fabrizio Billi
Session 6 – Keynote Lectures

Nanne Kort, MD, PhD
Prof. Andrew Price
2:25 PM Keynote Lecture: Bi-cruciate personalized TKA: why, when and how? Marco Schiraldi, MD
2:32 PM Keynote Lecture: Personalized rehabilitation for knee replacement Andrew Wickline, MD
2:39 PM Questions and Answer Session Moderators
2:46 PM Keynote Lecture: Is personalised arthroplasty compatible with OR efficiency? Jeremy Statton, MD
Charles DeCook, MDs
2:56 PM Keynote Lecture: Restoring the pre-arthritic status: the importance of joint line restoration and implant design Prof. Johan Bellemans
3:16 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
3:23 PM Gold sponsored Keynote Lecture: Why individualized implants improves the global TKA process? Michel Bonnin, MD, PhD
3:28 PM Gold Sponsored Keynote Lecture DePuy Synthes
3:33 PM Quesiton and Answer Session Moderators
Session 7 – Personalized PKR (mn) Prof. Justin Cobb
Will Jackson, MD
3:40 PM Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty (UKA):
3:40 PM Personalized UKA : How and why? Matteo Marullo, MD
3:47 PM KA-medial UKA: Why I have switched to it? Is there Alignment boundaries (rKA/FA techniques for medial UKA)? Takafumi Hiranaka, MD
3:54 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
4:01 PM Selecting the right implants (design and fixation method) for the right patient: ‘À la carte’ UKA Stefano Campi, MD
4:08 PM  UKA and extreme constitutional limb deformity Gareth Jones, MD, PhD
4:15 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
4:22 PM Patello-Femoral replacement (PFR):
4:22 PM Personalized PFR : How and why? Mo Saffarini
4:29 PM Custom PFR: Why not? From planning to implantation Gavin Pereira, MD, MBBS, FRCS
4:36 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
4:43 PM Cross-fire: Knee replacement for the young (<50yo) active patients
4:43 PM Partial knee replacement (combined or not) Prof. Justin Cobb
4:50 PM Kinematically Aligned (KA) Cruciate Retaining (CR)-TKA Alexander Nedopil
4:57 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
5:04 PM Session summary; where should further research efforts be focussed? Moderators
5:10 PM Coffee Break
 Session 8 – Personalized Knee Arthroplasty – Free Papers Prof. Patrick Sadoghi
Hannes Jonker, MD
5:25 PM Knees with Anteromedial Osteoarthritis Show a Substantial Phenotypic Variation Prior and Following Medial Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty Gaby ten Noeyer de Brauw, BSc
5:30 PM Not All The Knee Morphotypes Obtain The Same Outcomes With Mechanical Alignement: A Retrospective Study Edoardo Franceschetti, MD
5:35 PM Non-robotic, Personalized Alignment of Total Knee Arthroplasties: Outliers do not Fail at 10-15Yr Follow-up Ponky Firer, BSc, MBBCh, M.Med
5:40 PM Unrestricted-Calipered Kinematically Aligned Total Knee Arthroplasty in Asian Patients: Mid to Long-Term Clinical and Radiologic Outcomes for a Minimum Follow-up of 7.4 Years Seok-Hyung Won, MD
5:45 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
5:50 PM Funtional vs adjusted mechanical alignment for total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled study Jonathan Manara, MD
5:55 PM Unrestricted Kinematic Alignment Corrects Fixed Flexion Contracture in robotically aligned Total Knees Without Raising the Joint Line in Extension Eliot Sappey-Marinier, MD, PhD
6:00 PM Which Method For Femoral Component Sizing When Performing Kinematic Alignment TKA? An In-Silico Study Fasen Huang, MD
6:05 PM Questions and Answers Session Moderators
6:10 PM Achieving Personalised Anatomic Laxity in a Non-Cruciate Total Knee Prof. Peter S Walker
6:15 PM Accuracy of the ROSA robotic system for targeted resection thickness in Total Knee Arthroplasty Zakareya Gamie, MSc, PhD, FRCS
6:20 PM Navigated Instrumentation Improves Reproducibility of Laxity Acquisition During a Total Knee Arthroplasty François Boux De Casson, PhD
6:25 PM Questions and Answers Sessions Moderators
Closing Remarks
6:30 PM Closing Remarks – 2023 Meeting Chair & 2024 President Charles Riviere, MD, PhD
6:35 PM Closing Remarks – President Prof. Stefano Bini
6:40 PM Closing Remarks – 1st Vice President Prof. Michael Hirshmann