Personalized Hip and Knee Joint Replacement

Charles Rivière
Pascal-André Vendittoli

This book describes and illustrates the surgical techniques, implants, and technologies used for the purpose of personalized implantation of hip and knee components. This new and flourishing treatment philosophy offers important benefits over conventional systematic techniques, including component positioning appropriate to individual anatomy, improved surgical reproducibility and prosthetic performance, and a reduction in complications.

The techniques described in the book aim to reproduce patients’ native anatomy and physiological joint laxity, thereby improving the prosthetic hip/knee kinematics and functional outcomes in the quest of the forgotten joint. They include kinematically aligned total knee/total hip arthroplasty, partial knee replacement, and hip resurfacing.

The relevance of available and emerging technological tools for these personalized approaches is also explained, with coverage of, for example, robotics, computer-assisted surgery, and augmented reality. Each chapter is written by one or more surgeons who are considered world leaders in a specific field of this novel surgical philosophy. The book will be of value to a wide readership, from trainees at all levels to consultants practicing lower limb surgery.